How We Help

To help you achieve your goals our practitionerss have continued to expand their knowledge and qualifications and are skilled in a wide range of therapies such as dry needling, massage, cupping, stretching and exercise rehabilitation.

We understand that fixing your problem isnt just about getting rid of the pain, but going beyond to having your condition to never return. We focus on fixing the underlying issues and stabilising your body for the future.

Chiropractic Adjustment (Spinal Manipulation)

This specialized technique performed by our Chiropractors is utilised to restore motion to a joint that has lost its normal movement and has become fixated - what your Chiropractor calls a “subluxation”. This is most commonly why you are in pain.

A subluxated joint interferes with the communication between the brain and the joint/muscle complex, affecting the normal motion of your body. It must be noted, a subluxated joint will heal poorly if not corrected.

Exercise Rehabilitation
The key concept to understand with human movement is a muscle does not contract, and the joints do not move unless the brain tells it to do so. This is a very important concept that heavily influences how we assess and treat pain in the body. For some of our patients exercise prescription on how the brain controls the weakened and sore muscles/joints, can optimize and stabilze the body to be more resilient. 

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