At Potter Chiropractic we are dedicated to helping you alleviate pain, restriction and tension from your body.

Our chiropractic doctors see people of all ages who are suffering from alignment problems, joint injuries, muscle pain, postural strain, and many other conditions such as headache and back/ neck pain. Treatment will be targeted to help you eliminate pain, enhance function, and support your body’s natural healing powers.

We are highly skilled in delivering a variety of techniques, including the traditional manual spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy (traction neck adjustments), and also low force/ gentle treatment for those who require a softer approach.

Complimenatry therapies may also be utilised for your healing such as massage, dry needling, cupping and exercise rehabilitation - all depending on your wants and needs are.

Many seniors today want to be more active and take care for their bodies.
At Potter Chiropractic we are helping people realise that our care is providing significant pain relief, greater mobility, ability to participate in more activities and reduce pain medications.

What can tend to happen in older years is a misconception that aching limbs and joints are due to the “I’m just getting old” syndrome. Well, just because you may be adding a few years, is no reason to put up with pain or even discomfort.

There are a number of treatable conditions as your age increases, including arthritis (degenerative joint disease). We just need to know precisely what your condition is and what is causing it. And the first step is to ask us – “Can you do anything for me?"
More often than not, regardless of your age, a remedy of care can be found for your specific condition. The result will invariably be reduced pain, greater mobility and your body’s ability to function better.

Babies & Children

Many parents choose, or are referred, for their babies and childrens Chiropractic assessment. Infancy and childhood are times of rapid growth, and a healthy spine and nervous system can help support their development.

We are committed to providing a thorough assessment of your children, and if required, gentle (non-manipulative) Chiropractic correction.
-Should we not be able to assist, we will help refer your children to the appropriate specialist.

At Potter Chiropractic we regularly treat babies with head flattening (plageocepahly). This a condition where a baby’s head is nearly always rotated to one side only, and after a period of time, the back of the baby's head distorts in shape.

Pregnant Mothers

Major physical and hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Joint strain, weight gain and shifts in the body’s centre of gravity are some of the common changes that occur to accommodate your growing baby. These changes can cause you joint strain and stress to the muscles and ligaments.

At Potter Chiropractic we assess for improper joint function and help restore balance to the musculoskeletal system to make your pregnancy a more comfortable journey, and to prepare the body for the birthing process.


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