Rebates - DVA, Medicare, WorkCover and TAC

-Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)

Potter Chiropractic is extremely proud to be a provider for the DVA, an organisation which supports our Australian armed forces who have served in Australia’s defence.

Please call if you are wishing to attend Potter Chiropractic and our staff will explain the procedure treatment of service men and women. Our Chiropractors will contact your medical practitioner if required.

-Medicare Bulk Billing & Chiropractic

The Government allows Medicare to pay for 5 Chiropractic visits each year if referred by your medical doctor. To qualify for this you must have an ongoing chronic musculoskeletal condition or injury for more than 6 months. To apply for these Medicare benefits  We recommend you speak to one of our Chiropractors who can assist by writing a request referral to your medical doctor.

-Private Health Insurance

Potter Chiropractic is a provider for all the major private health insurance companies in Australia. The rebates can range between $400 – $1,000 per year for Chiropractic care.


Potter Chiropractic is a provider for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).  If you have been injured in a motor vehicle incident we are here to assist you in your recovery. All we require is your claim number and your case manager’s details to begin your treatment and rehabilitation.


Potter Chiropractic has been supporting WorkCover patients who have been injured at work for many years. By simply providing your claim number and case manager’s details we can begin your Chiropractic treatment and recovery.