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Our Chiropractors are Experts in Joint, Muscle and Nerve Conditions of the Human Body.

Low Back Pain

This is by far the most common problem that we see with our patients, and we are considered experts in treating it.
Common conditions that cause low back pain include: disc bulges, facet syndromes, muscles strains, tendonitis, ligament sprains, sacroilitis, muscle tears, maignes syndrome, piriformis syndrome and nerve impingement conditions.
Our chiropractors are trained in determining what condition is causing your problem.

Neck pain

The majority of people either know someone, or have experienced this themselves. It is becoming increasingly common with more and more people using their smart phones with terrible neck posture.
Common conditions that cause Neck Pain include: disc bulges, facet sprains, muscles strains, ligament sprains, Whiplash, nerve impingement conditions.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is an extremely complex area that requires multiple joints moving seamlessly together. Finding the true weak link within the shoulder is critical for resolution.
Common conditions that cause Shoulder Pain include: nerve impingement in the neck, rotator cuff tears, muscle sprains, biceps tendonitis, labral tears and throwing injuries.

Elbow Pain

Elbow injuries often effect people that repetitively use their hands. Mechanics, nurses, admin staff, tennis players, golfers are all examples of people that commonly suffer from pain in the elbow.
Common conditions that cause Elbow Pain include: nerve impingement in the neck, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, tendonitis, nerve inflammation, muscle strains and sports injury.

Hip Pain

The hip joint is easily the strongest joint in the human body. It is formed as a ball-socket joint and provides support for the weight of the whole body. Irritation of the hip often progresses to pain in the rest of the leg and also to the lower back. Your Chiropractor can determine the source of the problem.
Common conditions that cause hip pain include: osteoarthritis, cartilage tears, gluteal tendonitis, muscles strains/ tears and fractures.

Knee Pain

Knee replacements are the most common surgery preformed on any joint in human body. Stability at the knee requires control not just at the knee but also the hip and ankle. This is critical for knee health. It is important for your Chiroparctor to determine your condition and may include treating the other leg joints.
Common conditions that cause Knee Pain include: patella tendonitis, muscles strains/ tears, ACL tears, ligament sprains.
This condition refers to the degeneration of joints from long term wear and tear, and old injuries. This can lead to swelling, redness, pain and stiffness (especially in the morning and with cold weather).
Differing careers often lead to different joints suffering from this more than others. For example a mechanics shoulder, elbow and wrist especially on the dominant side would have more osteoarthritis because these are the joints that have done the most work over the years.
Our Chiropractors see a lot of osteoarthritis in the neck and low back when we examine patients x-rays.
Wear and tear over a life time is natural however too much is not a good thing. Our treatment can help slow progression and the severity of osteoarthritis.
The structure of our hand is complex and unique to humans. We use them countless times a day and for countless tasks. Experiencing pain here is a big problem for these sufferers and can be quite disabling.
Common conditions that cause hand and wrist pain include: nerve impingement in the neck, shoulder or arm, wrist sprains, fractures, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome.
Shoes are a blessing but also a curse for the foot. It protects the foot from dangerous terrain but on the other hand we lose a lot of the strength and control of the foot. Pain and weakness in the foot can lead to issues all the way up to the low back.
Common conditions that cause ankle and foot pain include: ankle sprains, ligament tears, rolled ankles, fractured toes, bunions, flat feet.

Headaches are very common and you’re almost guaranteed to have one in your lifetime. However there are a wide variety of headaches. Common types of headaches include tension type, migraines, cervicogenic, cluster. Your Chiropractor is trained in diagnosing your headache type and providing the correct management.

Headache referred from the neck (cervicogenic) is commonly treated at Potter Chiropractic.

Dizziness and Vertigo are disturbances to our balance. Our balance systems rely on the neural integration between our eyes, spinal joints, and inner ears. A wide variety of conditions can disrupt this integration between these 3 areas and we start to experience dizziness. Getting a thorough examination is key to resolving this condition.

The sensation of Pins, Needles and Numbness commonly occurs when a nerve is pinched, pushed, pulled, or inflamed. It is very common for this nerve tension to occur within the spine. A bulging disc pressing on a nerve will commonly cause pins and needles to be felt further down into the arms or legs.

Concussion is a mild brain injury that affects the brain stem and Whiplash is a trauma to the joints and muscles of the neck. These two separate conditions however generally occur from the same event, such as a car accident, a blow to the head, or a sporting injury like a tackle. Therefore people suffer from both of these conditions simultaneously.

Getting the proper diagnosis and treatment for these conditions is key to preventing long term complications.

Post-Surgery Pain and Complications

While surgeries get amazing results for some, other may still experience pain many years after. This is usually due to the underlying weakness and instability, and the joint restriction mobility issues that were never fully addressed. Additionally the surgery itself leads to complications such as excessive scar tissue and severed nerves in the skin from the incisions.

At Potter Chiropractic our doctors are trained to identify these issues and address them accordingly.

Not Sure?

If you are suffering from something other than what has already been listed, but you still believe we may be able to help, then please ring us up. Our lovely staff will help you determine if your condition is something we can actually help with.

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